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Faced with a precipitous rise of the world’s oldest form of hate, what are the legal tools at our disposal?

Using a comparative approach, Legal Perspectives will equip lawyers and the larger legal community with concrete legal remedies to antisemitism in multiple contexts.

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What starts with Jews

never ends with Jews.

Jewish Canadians are facing a dangerous rise in antisemitism across the country and around the world. The Jewish community is not alone. Recently, there has been a disturbing increase in all types of polarizing and hateful discourse across the planet often creating a rise of hateful incidents.

The rise in antisemitism has been felt in all spheres of society, and lawyers have been increasingly solicited to intervene or to offer advice on these sensitive matters.

Register now and ensure you have the tools to address rising antisemitsm.

Our Panels

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Conference runs

February 15, 2022

Session 1

In the Human Rights Shadows: Antisemitism is the Forgotten Form of Hate

A Public Law/Policy Perspective

Session 2

Inspirations for Canadian Lawyers: How Other Jurisdictions Combat Antisemitism

A Human Rights Law Perspective 

Session 3

When your Union is Complicit in Antisemitism

A Labour Law Perspective 

Session 4

Antisemitism in the Workplace: Rights and Recourses for Jewish Employees

An Employment Law Perspective

Session 5

Learning from Our Allies: Using the Law to Combat Discrimination

A Human Rights Law Perspective 

Conference Contributors 

Elana Aptowitzer

Jeff Arbus

Dany Assaf

Joy-Anne Cohen

The Honourable Irwin Cotler

R. Douglas Elliott

Noemi Gal-Or

Sacha Ghozlan

Lawrence Greenspon

Natasha Hausdorff

Alix P. Herber

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen

Danny J. Kaufer

Alyza D. Lewin

Howard Levitt

James Libson

Fernando Kasinski Lottenberg

Arsen Ostrovsky

John Rosen

Aaron Rosenberg

Balpreet Singh

Raphael Tachie

Katharina von Schnurbein

Larry Weinberg

Lawrence Witt

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